Cleo wrestles a guy to the ground
Cleo goes against a guy and wrestles him to the ground, she sits on top him, pinning his arms down and gaining total domination. When the man tries to take a glimpse at her panties, she gets angry, removes her sock and covers his eyes with it, then pushes her foot to his face and strikes a victory pose, clearly showing who the winner of this battle is.
Sophie wrestles weak guy to the floor
Sophie is in a great shape and can easily go against any guy in a mixed wrestling match and when she is out there, she is going for the win. She throws the man to the floor, punches him in the face a few times just to make sure that he stays there, and then pushes her sweaty foot to his face, enjoying her spectacular victory.
Mistress Amrita rassles Steve and whoops his ass
Mistress Amrita, dressed in bra and panties, takes on Steve in a mixed wrestling match and quickly shows him that he is no match for her. She pins him down, and then starts abusing her victim – she smacks him across the face a few times, applies a vicious grab around his neck, chokes him for a few seconds and once all his strength is drained, she sits victoriously on top of him.
Anne Hurricane beats Steve in a wrestling match
Anne Hurricane has been wrestling all her life and when some random guy challenges her, she quickly agrees to go against him on the ring. As soon as they start wrestling she quickly shows her superiority and only after a few chokes and skillful grabs, she is clearly the winner. No matter how hard Steve tries, there’s no way this sexy, strong girl would let him win this match!
Mistress Katja wrestles guy on a dirt road
Mistress Katja launches a surprise attack on an unsuspected guy and manages to subdue him pretty quickly. She slaps him across the face, kicks his feet out from under him, pins him to the ground, wraps her strong legs around his neck and enjoys the stupefied look on his face.

BBW Cathy wrestles a guy and wins
BBW Cathy takes on a cheeky guy and quickly puts him in his place. She pushes him to the ground, wraps her legs around his necks, then squeezes tightly and chokes her opponent until he is out of breath. Once it is more than obvious who the winner in this fight is, she pulls his hair pretty hard just to torture and abuse him.
Robin and Liz Lighting wrestle weak man
Robin and Liz Lighting, dressed in tight black tops and sports g-strings, go head to head against Steve and quickly gain full control. They work very well in a team and while one the one of them is applying a firm choke-hold, the other girl sits on his stomach and makes sure that he has no way to go. Once he is subdued the two sexy girls keep playing with the exhausted man and when they are done with him raise their hands in a victory pose.
Robin vs. Steve in a wrestling match
When poor Steve challenged Robin to a mixed wrestling contest, so he can show her that he is much stronger than her, he simply had no idea who he was dealing with. Robin is very fit and she quickly accepted the thrown glove, and without even bothering to take off her denim jacket, attacked the guy and only after a few minutes was lying on top of him, with his head firmly locked between her strong legs.

Kristina challenges a male wrestler
Kristina challenged a male wrestler, named Steve, and the moment she took off her clothes and remained in her black sports bra and panties he should have given up. You could clearly see that this girl takes great care of her body and being that fit requires hard work and discipline. And this is why as soon as they started the wrestling fight, she quickly took control, applied a few choke holds, pinned Steve down to the ground and finally stood up and stroke a victory pose.
Robin beats a guy in a wrestling match
Robin, dressed in sexy top and pantyhose, takes only a few minutes to warm up and viciously attacks Steve, the guy who dared to challenge her to a mixed wrestling match. He tried to grab and hoist her, but she quickly threw him on the ground, sat on his face, then swiftly moved behind him, applied a choke-hold, and when he was out of breath, she walked on top of her fallen foe’s stomach just to make it clear who the winner is!